I’m getting error 629: The port has been disabled by the remote machine


Error 629 is certainly caused by several issues. Below are some of the causes and available solutions.

    Invalid credentials

  1. Double-click the Rainier icon to de, connect to your company to connect to this website.
  2. Your user ID will appear in the Username field. Check the spelling of your user ID. Make sure it’s followed by the ID of your company’s user or a capital p. For example, if you find that your user ID is jdoe, this everyone field should be set to jdoeP. Follows
  3. You see a lot of asterisks (*) in the “Password” field. Remove all asterisks and re-enter the security password. Connect Press the number to see if the same error occurs.

Modem incompatibility with modem

Your system may not be fully Compatible with our system. Clients with WIN modems (software (modems) will probably have more problems than owners with hardware modems. If you have a WIN hub, follow these steps

    Windows 95 E / 98 ME / 2000

  1. Go to Start. Select “Settings”, then “Control Panel”.
  2. Windows XP: Go to Startup Name and Control Panel.
  3. Double-click the system icon.
  4. (Windows users: xp. If you see the icon on the left side of the screen, to switch to classic view, click and then double-click the system icon.95 / )
  5. Windows 97 ME/ – click the tab in Device Manager.2000
  6. Windows XP / Click on the “Hardware” tab then click on “Device Manager”.
  7. Scroll through the list of devices and click the “+” next to Enabled modems.
  8. Your modem’s brand name is often displayed here. If you see the name LT win or In Soft, you have a working software modem. Rainier Connect recommends purchasing a new hardware modem.
    The modem is trying to connect to the second duplicate

  1. Click on the Rainier star toconnect it to the Internet.
  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. On the “General” tab, you should see our top connection using the registration form below indicating from your computer’s modem. Click the “Configure” button next to your modem.field
  4. In “Maximum collection rate (bps)”, select a lower rate, for example 19200 or 38400. Click OK and everything should be fine again. Try logging in again.
    Other phone line failure or interruption
  • Only connect your phone to the same outlet as your computer to see if you can hear any noise. Just call them, your phone company will check your phone lines. Depending on the problem found, your wireless service provider may usually charge you to repair the line.
  • If your company has a splitter on the phone your computer is connected to, try removing the splitter to see if the problem is resolved. Yes, so maybe you should buy a new splitter.
  • Check the length of the phone cable between the basedevice and the computer’s telephone jack. The optimal length is less than 3 meters. yours If the phone cable is longer than 10 meters, try using a shorter and more functional phone cable.
  • Even if you can’t hear coverage in an area due to static, there may be enough interference to cause connection problems with a device, but not enough to be heard. Your phone call is being checked while you are still.< /li>
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