You Need To Get Rid Of Wi-Fi Signal Software For Windows 7 Problems

If you have Wi-Fi signal software for Windows 7 error code installed on your computer, then you should check out these suggested fixes.

Windows Store WiFi Analyzer.Acrylic home wifi scanner.Ekahau HeatMapper is free.Net Spot.vistamler.Solarwinds WiFi Network Analyzer.Nirsoft WifiInfoView.Wi-Fi analyzer PRTG.

WifiInfoView v2.75
Copyright 2012 (c) – 2022 Nir Sofer

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  • WifiHistoryView – View the history of connections to the corporate wireless network on your computer
  • Wifi Collector – collect information about the wireless network and your personal location on your Android device.
  • NK2Edit – Edit, merge and fix Microsoft Outlook (.NK2) autocomplete programs.
  • Description

    WifiInfoView wirelessly scans their networks around you and displays detailed information about them, including:Network name (SSID), MAC address, PHY type (802.11g or 802.11n), RSSI signal, quality, frequency, channel number, maximum speed, company name,Router model and router name (only for routers that provide this valuable information) and more…
    If you select a large wireless network on the top bar of this tool, the bottom bar will display Wi-Fi temperature information.received from thisdevice, in hexadecimal format.
    WifiInfoView and additionally has a browse mode which typically displays a summary of all discovered networks grouped by WLAN.Channel number, router manufacturer, PHY type, or maximum speed.


  • The operating system. This utility works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 10 and Windows 11.It seems to support both 32-bit and x64 systems.
    Windows XP is not supported because this tool uses the Beginner’s Wi-Fi API, which is not available in Windows XP.If you want to get the information you need now about wireless networks in Windows XP, you can use the WirelessNetView utility.
  • Wireless network and Wireless Card Golf Club adapter that works with built-in Wi-Fi support in Windows Vista/7/8/2008.If you don’t have a compatible wireless adapter and driver, a “Wireless adapter cannot be found” error is displayed. Order
  • To truly see 5GHz wireless networks, customers must use a system wireless network adapter that supports 5GHz channels.
  • Linksand for download are at the bottom of this page

    Version history

  • Version 2.75:
  • Added “MAC Column, Group” that detects similar wireless networks and MAC addresses.If you see a second or more wireless networks with the same number in this column, product means they were probably created by the same device.
  • Added “Mark MAC Groups” option (under the “View” menu) that allows you to color-code wireless online communities based on the most important “MAC Group” value.
  • Added 64-bit version.
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  • Version 2.72:
  • Updated internal MAC address file.
  • Fixed some issues in high resolution mode (status bar, column select box).
  • Version 2.71:
  • Added option “SSID Encoding” – ANSI or UTF-8. The default encoding is now set to UTF-8. If you have non-english characters with ssid and it displays just fine, consider changing this setting.
  • Version 2. Option 70:
  • Added rotation of the sort column in the gallery (Pview -> sort by). As with all column header click sorts, if everyone clicks the same sort recipe item again, it will switch between ascending and descending order. If you properly hold the Shift key when it’s over the Sort menu item, you’ll jump to a secondary sort.
  • Version 2.68:
  • Updated to work correctly with high resolution approaches.
  • Version 2.67:
  • At this point, you can resize the properties window.
  • Finally, the properties window has multiple pages if there is not enough space to display the properties on one page.
  • Version 2.66:
  • You will probably now use wildcards for the entire BSSID/SSID filter (Advanced Options window). For example: MyNet?? , 00-11-22*
  • Version 2.65:
  • Added preparation for WPA3 detection (Security column).
  • Added support for 802.11ax network discovery. Note that “max rate” calculation is still not supported for adapted 802.11ax.
  • Version 2.62:
  • Fixed the /cfg command line option to load a .cfg file from the current directory if no full march is specified.
  • Version 2.61:
  • In general, the internal MAC address file has been updated.
  • Version 2.60:
  • Added a method to create a shortcut on the desktop to connect to the desired access point.
  • You can use two different types of hotkeys: “connect access point by BSSID” and “connect access point by name”.
  • Version 2.55:
  • Added “Connect selected access point” option. This option allows you to connect your hotspot through a window created by WifiInfoView.
  • If you have access to multiple elements with the same name (Wi-Fi extension), you can select a specific access point to connect to.
  • Added /ConnectAP command line option that allows you to connect to the desired access point by displaying the network name (SSID) and MAC address sort (BSSID).For example:
    WifiInfoView.exe /ConnectAP “MyNet” “00-25-9C-14-2C-39”
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  • Version 2.50:
  • Added “Mark connected hotspot”. When turned on, the connected access point lights up Xia green.
  • Version 2.47:
  • Some updated internal MAC address file.
  • Version 2.46:
  • Fixed the command line save option to take effect depending on the selected display mode (/DisplayMode command line option).
  • Version 2.45:
  • Added “Restart Windows Wireless Service” option (under Help menu).
  • Version 2.42:
  • Fixed bug: When updating the SSID of a device, WifiInfoView displayed the wrong SSID string.
  • The internal MAC address file has been updated.
  • Version 2.41:
  • You can now generate output to standard output by specifying an empty string as the filename, like this:
    WifiInfoView.exe /scomma “” | Continuation
  • Version 2.40:
  • Added a solution for filtering by Signal Prime (in the advanced options window).
  • Version 2.34:
  • Fixed issue: WifiInfoView was displaying incorrect channel width due to 802.11ac networks.
  • Version 2.33:
  • Added “Country Code” (for access points that support 802.11d).
  • Version 2.32:
  • Dadded option to save as JSON file.
  • Version 2.31:
  • The internal MAC capture file has been updated.
  • Version 2.30:
  • Added function “List of MAC addresses” of addresses (Ctrl+F8), which allows you to create a list of MAC addresses and their description.The description provided in this list can be displayed in the Description column.The MAC address list is labeled in “WifiInfoView_MAC_List.txt” located in the same folder as WifiInfoView.exe.
  • Version 2.27:
  • A description has been added for all types of information facets (shown in the bottom panel).
  • Version 2.26:
  • Fixed bug: Filtering the current advanced options window did not affect the final result of command line options (/scomma, /shtml, and others).
  • In the Advanced Options window, you can now scrub by SSID in addition to actually filtering the BSSID.
  • Added “Select All” and “Deselect All” functions in the “Column Options” window.
  • Version 2.25:
  • Added “Number of stations” column (only available for access points with information “BSS with load”): showsthe number of WiFi end users connected to the question mark.
  • wifi signal software for windows 7

    Is there a software to boost WiFi signal?

    NetSpot is the ultimate medical softwareo Wi-Fi software for Windows and Macintosh, which can help you determine where to install a Wi-Fi modem or extender.

    How can I boost my WiFi signal on my PC?

    1 – Move closer to the Wi-Fi router.2 – Update the wireless network driver.3 – Reinstall the wireless network driver.4 – Replace the WiFi network card.5 – Limit the number of wireless devices connected to the network.6 – Update the router software.7 – Replace the router.

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    What is the best WiFi Analyzer for Windows?

    NetSpot is the only professional Wi-Fi analyzer for Windows that can also be used at home.InSSIDer is a well-known quality WiFi analyzer for Windows operating systems.WiFi analyzer. Download this Windows 10 app from the Microsoft Store.Vistumber – can store GPS and Google Earth real-time tracking.

    How to analyze your WiFi signal for free?

    Get one with Windows* on board, optionally install NetSpot to scan WiFi signal for FREE. Gather all the details like performance, access point configurations, signal levels, channel interference, etc. You can discover not only your WiFi method, but all nearby ones.

    What is the best free WiFi Analyzer for Windows 7?

    12 Best WiFi Analyzer Software for Windows 7.10 (Free and Paid) 6 1) WiFi Analyzer from Windows Store. Most likely any WiFi-withThe Windows Store scanner will believe in itself by looking at 2 2) Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner. 3 3) Free Ekahau HeatMapper. 4 4) NetSpot. 4 5) Whistmbler. More articles

    How can I improve my laptop’s WiFi signal strength?

    Share your internet connection on your new laptop via WiFi. Improve the performance of your sources and protect your online privacy. This app is designed to make you laugh. Turn your computer into a wireless network access point. WiFi Signal Booster – WiFi Extender is a WiFi booster, WiFi booster, WiFi signal strength master, WiFi booster, WiFi and WiFi speed test

    What is the best wifi management software for Windows 10?

    All in all, it is a good alternative to WiFi management software that also offers various key information about the location of WiFi networks. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home is another free WiFi management software for Windows. It is an intuitive laptop or computer that allows you to manage multiple WiFi networks and multiple WiFi adapters.

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